Franklin softball tournament 2018

This is the schedule for the Franklin softball tournament, set for March 1-3.

Thursday Pools
  Ranch Field 3
9:00 AM Milano vs. Bruceville-Eddy
11:00 AM Milano vs. Salado
1:00 PM Normangee vs. Navasota
3:00 PM Normangee vs. Dawson
Ranch Field 4
9:00 AM Salado vs. Caldwell
11:00 AM Bruceville-Eddy vs. Caldwell
1:00 PM A&M Consolidated JV vs. Dawson
3:00 PM A&M Consolidated JV vs. Navasota
5:00 PM Blooming Grove vs. Carthage
Ranch Field 5
9:00 AM Normangee vs. A&M Consolidated JV
11:00 AM North Zulch vs. Blooming Grove
1:00 PM North Zulch vs. Carthage
3:00 PM Milano vs. Caldwell
5:00 PM North Zulch vs. Bremond
Ranch Field 6
9:00 AM Navasota vs. Dawson
11:00 AM Carthage vs. Bremond
1:00 PM Blooming Grove vs. Bremond
3:00 PM Bruceville-Eddy vs.Salado
Friday Pools
Ranch Field 3
9:00 AM Franklin vs. Grapeland
11:00 AM Franklin vs. Fairfield
1:00 PM Thrall vs. Madisonville
3:00 PM Thrall vs. Rudder
Ranch Field 4
9:00 AM Fairfield vs. Bay Area Christian
11:00 AM Grapeland vs. Bay Area Christian
1:00 PM Whitney vs. Rudder
3:00 PM Whitney vs. Madisonville
5:00 PM White Oak vs. Huntsville
Ranch Field 5
9:00 AM Thrall vs. Whitney
11:00 AM Rogers vs. White Oak
1:00 PM Rogers vs. Huntsville
3:00 PM Franklin vs. Bay Area Christian
5:00 PM Rogers vs. FW Trinity Valley
Ranch Field 6
9:00 AM Madisonville vs. Rudder
11:00 AM Huntsville vs. FW Trinity Valley
1:00 PM White Oak vs. FW Trinity Valley
3:00 PM Grapeland vs. Fairfield
Pool A: Milano, Bruceville-Eddy, Salado, Caldwell
Pool B: Normangee, A&M Consolidated JV, Navasota, Dawson
Pool C: North Zulch, Blooming Grove, Carthage, Bremond
Pool D: Franklin, Fairfield, Grapeland, Bay Area Christian
Pool E: Thrall, Whitney, Madisonville, Ruddr
Pool F: Rogers, White Oak, Huntsville, Fort Worth Trinity Valley
All 24 teams will be placed in either the Gold, Silver, or Bronze bracket on Saturday.
Bracket seeding will be based on the following:
1) Record
2) Head to Head
3) Runs Scored
4) Runs Allowed
5) Coin Flip

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