Anderson-Shiro/Iola baseball tournament 2018

The updated schedule for the Anderson-Shiro/Iola varsity baseball tournament.

Thursday at Nutrabolt Stadium, Bryan
9:00 AM Iola vs. Rockdale
11:00 A College Station JV vs. Leon
1:00 PM Anderson-Shiro vs. Riesel
3:00 PM Centerville vs. Orangefield
Friday at Anderson-Shiro
11:00 AM Anderson-Shiro vs. Leon
1:15 PM Rockdale vs. Leon
3:30 PM Rockdale vs. Orangefield
5:45 PM Anderson-Shiro vs. Orangefield
Friday at Iola
11:00 AM Iola vs. College Station JV
1:15 PM Riesel vs. College Station JV
3:30 PM Riesel vs. Centerville
5:45 PM Iola vs. Centerville
Saturday at Anderson-Shiro
11:00 AM Leon vs. Orangefield
1:15 PM Anderson-Shiro vs. Rockdale
Saturday at Iola
11:00 AM Centerville vs. College Station JV
1:15 PM Iola vs. Riesel

This week’s high school baseball schedule

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